2.4 – Forex Dealing Jargon

This forex course basics section covers the forex dealing jargon used in conversations among forex market participants.   People that trade currencies for a living have their own verbal shorthand for transacting trades. Also, although most transactions take place electronically, many professional traders still rely on interpersonal contact to get a more accurate “feel” for […]

2.3 – Currency Codes and Nicknames

This forex course basics section covers the currency codes and nicknames used in the forex market.   As in any large financial market, the forex market has its slang terms and nicknames for currencies, exchange rates and other elements relevant to trading in the forex market.   Also, the currencies of the world each have […]

2.2 – The Currencies Traded

This forex course basics section covers the currencies traded in the forex market.   The most actively traded currencies in the foreign exchange market today roughly reflect the commercial and trade activities of the nations involved.   Accordingly, the most commonly traded currencies tend to be from major, developed nations. These national currencies account for […]

2.1 – The Size of the Forex Market

This forex basics section covers the impressive size of the forex market, who participates and the role of the US Dollar.   The international currency market or foreign exchange market makes up the biggest single capital market on the planet. On average, trading in the forex market amounts to a total dollar value of over […]

1.8 – Other Foreign Exchange Derivatives

This forex course basics section covers the nature of more exotic foreign exchange derivatives traded in the OTC market. The forex market continues proving itself to be an innovator in developing new types of derivative products for hedgers and trader to use to manage and take foreign exchange risk.   Most of these derivatives, such […]

1.7 – Foreign Exchange Swaps

This forex course basics section covers the nature of forward foreign exchange transactions and the forward market. The term “Foreign Exchange Swap” refers in the forex market to a “two-legged” or two part currency exchange transaction. Swap trades are typically used by forex traders to “swap” or shift a foreign exchange position’s value date to […]

1.6 – Currency Options

Description: This forex course basics section covers the nature of currency option transactions and the currency options market. A currency option is a foreign exchange derivative product which gives the holder the “option” or right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell one currency against another in a forex transaction at a preset rate. […]

trading excel spreadsheet

Many of these folks have already been nice enough, through the years, to talk about with me and so I am indebted for them to do backtests –. And that I wish to thank – since he’s been kind to assist me in understanding how to make use of R for testing aswell Josh at […]

trading journal excel

The Number 1 cause investors fail is a result of insufficient experience. The easiest way to accelerate your learning curve would be to maintain careful files utilizing a trading record. In this essay I’ll provide you with examples from my own in addition to suggestions for establishing your own trading diary. The company of trading […]

metatrader 4 dde

The first article in this series introduced a project to code mechanical trading system robots for the .NET platform using the C# language. The second article introduced how to code a trading system that will watch price action and make buying or selling decisions. This article shows how to obtain real time forex quotes for […]

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