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MexcelTrader is an application that connects MetaTrader 4 to Excel and allow for the exchange of information and data between the two.  You can see the application here


Forex Excel – Now Trade From Excel With Minimum Risks & Maximize Your Profits


The need of an innovative tool that makes trading a convenient task is on the wish list of every trader in the forex market. The high levels of variables involved in the trading process make it very difficult for those doing business in the currency trading circles to bring accuracy and precision to their trade. The arrival of Forex excel has greatly reduced the dependence on extraneous factors and helps them trade from excel by integrating the software with Microsoft excel program.


The trading software allows to build automated trading systems in conjunction with Microsoft excel and helps carry a host of other related functions, such as executing orders and viewing account balances. It has a built–in security system to protect trading and shields crucial information related to the transactions carried out. Its comprehensive integration with the forex account helps obtain real-time foreign exchange rates for the currency being traded. The limitless possibilities that it throws up because of the ability to trade from excel include the ability to place, modify, or cancel orders and an ability to view the trading history for the past few sessions at a glance.


Forex excel helps the trader gain access to the currency markets by allowing the user to program and code certain conditions, thus automating the trading process. The hitherto time-consuming practice of manually updating data from time to time is hence completely obliterated, saving valuable time for the trader and minimizing the scope for errors. Other software requires the use of a different programming language to run the program. When the Meta Trader 4 excel is combined with the new software, it bypasses the need to decode the MQL language and makes it possible to trade from excel without any help from expensive software professionals.


Forex excel also helps send the trading data in Live as well as in historical format, thus making it possible to make quick trading decisions. Otherwise the data that is received must be decoded, analyzed, and evaluated before they can be used. A trader thus loses valuable trading time, and it delays their decision-making capacity. This can have a major ramification on the profitability and volumes in the long run.


When you trade from excel using the forex excel platform, it opens up a whole plethora of options, each one a crucial aspect of the forex trade. It becomes possible to download data in excel spreadsheets and make correct interpretation of technical analysis indicators. One can also create a strategy for trading and test it for accuracy. For newcomers in this field, the forex manual is a good place to learn in detail about the way the currency market functions. The forex excel is an excellent option for newbie operators, because their familiarity with the working of Microsoft excel makes adaptation to this trading software relatively easy.


Setting up the system in your home or office does not require you to have a degree in computer science. It is that easy. It is highly cost-effective, considering the immense possibilities it opens up for you to trade from excel. As currency trading is gaining popularity and more people are beginning to trade from this platform than ever before, traders are searching for better ways to understand and demystify the movements of the market. Forex excel is the solution to all currency trading issues, simply because it is easy to understand and is highly reliable.




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